20.05.02 - First relase

Hello. I am proud to announce the first release (linux only at the moment) of the lua irc-bot.
To obtain a copy of lirc-bot you can:

Have fun with the bot, if you have suggestions, found bugs or something else interesting feel free to contact me!

Bye. codec

22.03.02 - Welcome

Nice to meet you here.
This is the new lirc-bot homepage. Not very stylish, but it meets all wishes we have.

lirc-bot is another project of 3D Apes Game Development.
lirc-bot is thought to:

  • fit all the other features other bots have
  • be fully scriptable
  • be easy to use
  • be easy to enhance
  • fit every other feature requestet from users

feel free to explore the site and try the bot yourself.